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Green entrepreneurship

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 08:07




The Zone Kosa has great potential for development of all forms of green entrepreneurship. Green entrepreneurship, which is on the rise worldwide, is in line with the development strategies of the UN, EU and Croatia. That is why there are many incentives and general support for their projects. For some projects and ideas (such as this one) there are also substantial grants. Those grants are intended to help entrepreneurs start investing, to reduce risks and to increase business performance to the satisfaction of both investors and communities (local and global).

The most important characteristic of green entrepreneurship is the fact that its business is based on eco-friendly approach to the environment and natural biodiversity.

Nature and its biodiversity supply us with numerous assets such as food, medicine and building materials. It provides us with irreplaceable services such as the air and clean water, soil regeneration, pollination, climate and many others. Nonetheless, human society applies a reckless and unsustainable approach towards it. For example, according to The World Conservation Union’s Red List issued last year, 38% of observed species are threatened with extinction.

The willingness to invest into “natural capital” is the biggest opportunity and investment of the 21st century. The contribution to preservation and sustainable use of Dalmatia’s natural wealth is a long-term investment. With it we preserve autochthonous species and breeds, wildlife, marine resources, woods, water and landscape values, which are also a part of Croatian identity and cultural heritage. Green entrepreneurship assembles individuals who not only respect these values but also create new workplaces thus contributing to local development. Sectors which have great potential in Dalmatia are: organic farming, ecological fish farming, shellfish aquaculture and ecotourism.

At the end of 2008 Green Business Support Programme (GBSP) was established as a result of cooperation between four Dalmatian counties and their development agencies with Global Environment Fund and UN Development Programme. Green Business Support Programme (GBSP) is intended for economy subjects in sectors of agriculture, tourism, fisheries / mariculture with business ideas which respects and contributes conservation and sustainable use of natural values in the coastal part of Dalmatia.

At the moment, Green Business Support Programme focuses on (1) direct credit funding through Guarantee Credit Fond for Green Business programme in cooperation with Societe Generale Splitska banka Ltd.; (2) technical and financial assistance regarding elaboration of business ideas and realization of green business projects; (3) technical and financial assistance regarding preparation of project proposals for application on other national and international support programmes.*

Nowadays green entrepreneurship has great commercial potential and shows stability in times of crisis. The available incentives, being of interest to all, encourage entrepreneurs to venture into green business. Doing so, they ensure sustainable benefits to themselves, their children and extended family. If you need additional information about the perspective of green entrepreneurship in the Zone Kosa, we will be more than happy to assist you. You will have the project’s expert team at your service to provide you with needed information, education and support; both in the green entrepreneurship sector and abut the Zone Kosa. If you are interested in investing into the green entrepreneurship sector, or you wish to expand your business by moving into that area; please feel free to contact us on the following links.


*source: UNDP Croatia; Brochure made as a part of GEF-UNDP project “Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Dalmatian Coast “ (Available at: http://www.undp.hr/upload/file/238/119006/FILENAME/PPZP_brosura_web.pdf)




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