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National sources of financing

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 14:24

We provide our clients with assistance in preparation of application forms and management of projects funded from the Croatian national budget. The obtained funds can be used for financing of  agriculture and fishery, rural development, local and regional development, tourism and catering, processing industry, transport, ICT industry, renewable sources of energy, science, education, culture and civil society. Although the financing of all the types of entrepreneurship is possible, the most common are small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, investment in production capacity, innovations and market approach improvement.

Agriculture and rural development

In the period between 2013 and 2015 the Republic of Croatia will grant state aid (alongside the Common Agricultural Policy) to highly sensitive sectors such as: sugar beet, olive oil, tobacco, dairy cows and breeding sows. Croatia has also the right to use state reserves for additional funding of several sensitive sectors such as: milk production, breeding cattle, sheep and goats and tobacco production.

Open Calls for Proposals:

Market support


Tourism and catering

Every year Ministry of Tourism announces several Calls for Proposals for financing of different programmes and projects in line with Croatian Tourism Development Strategy until 2020. A number of them might be interesting to our clients:

  1. Fund for Tourism Development in 2014

Promoting development of public infrastructure

  • multipurpose facilities, centres/halls for specialised educational programmes (catering and tourism), conferences/conventions,  exhibitions, concerts and other events
  • public golf courses (no accommodation)
  • sports and mountain destination facilities
  • local infrastructure facilities: natural and maintained beaches (pebbled and sand beaches with its seabed), tourist information centre, visitor centres (as a part of tourism infrastructure project)
  • field trip facilities (cycle track, bike parks, hiking trails, wine roads, educational paths and other roads, trails and paths)
  • theme parks
  • unpromising property assets owned by local/regional government units and the Republic of Croatia, which are to be valorised through tourism
  • other  public infrastructure facilities (connected to tourism)

 Preserving the resource basis – tourist attractions

  • devastated facilities of cultural- historical heritage (castles, palaces, manor houses, forts, houses of traditional architecture, monuments of industrial heritage, traditional workshops etc.) which are to be valorised through tourism as facilities of public infrastructure: museums, places for public gatherings etc.
  • natural heritage resources (uninhabited islands, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, caves, swamps, protected natural areas etc.) which are to be valorised through tourism

2. Programme to promote development of visitor centres

  • development of public tourist infrastructure to strengthen the Croatia’s competitiveness on the market
  • encouraging growth in tourist expenditure
  • increase customers’ satisfaction
  • promotion of the tourist key attractions in the area
  • innovative interpretation of natural, cultural, tangible and intangible heritage
  • visitors management

 3. Public call for co-financing trade associations projects in tourism and/or catering

  • growth of association’s members’ competitiveness
  • Lifelong Learning aimed at increasing competitiveness of human resources in tourism
  • development of sustainable tourism
  • creating innovations and new products of smart specialization
  • development of special forms of tourism defined by Croatia’s Tourism Development Strategy until 2020

 4. Programme to strengthen the competitiveness of tourist industry

  • Measure A- increasing standards, quality and additional offers, diversification of business and sustainable development,  using new technologies and improving social inclusion in hotels (hotel, apart hotel, tourist resort, heritage hotel and guesthouse), camps (camp, camping settlement, campsite, campsite platform and hostel), agrotourism facilities (room, apartment, vacation house, camp in the household)
  • Measure B- developing special forms of tourism
  • Measure C- preparation of project documentation for new investments in tourism
  • Measure D- internationalisation and international recognition. Financial aids are intended for small businesses (companies outside the public sector, crafts and cooperatives), agrotourism facilities which offer catering services and/or tourism services) and natural persons (private renters). The aids vary from the amount on HRK 30 to 500 thousand, depending on the measure in question.

Croatian National Tourist Board will also award grants in 2014 through aid programs. The aim is to improve product, to create the recognizable image of Croatia as tourist destination and to enrich offer during pre-season and post-season. Projects, initiatives and events to which grants will be awarded will be selected according to detailed criteria. Tourism council of the Croatian National Tourist Board will make a decision on the choice and amount of support based on a proposal from the Commission.

Programmes for 2014:

Support events,

Support tourist offices from disadvantaged areas,

Support tourism initiatives and products from disadvantaged areas,

Support tourist offices from disadvantaged areas to obtain tourism projects for which they will use resources, or apply to use EU funds.

 Open Calls for Proposals:

TOURISM FUND (open till 31st October 2014)

HBOR funding:

Large projects in tourism

Preparation of the season

IBRD Tourism


Processing industry

In 2014, as a part of guarantee fund programme for processing industry and innovations in processing industry, Ministry of Economy will finance that sector in the amount of HRK 30 million. The implementation of this project contributes to the growth of national processing industry competitiveness, production growth, employment growth and increase in exports. The following divisions (NACE classification) are to be financed:

  • manufacture of food products and beverages
  • manufacture of textiles, wearing apparel, leather and related products
  • manufacture of wood and wood products
  • manufacture of paper and paper products
  • manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
  • manufacture of pharmaceuticals
  • manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
  • manufacture of basic metals and metal products
  • manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus
  • manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other electronic components
  • repair and installation of machinery and equipment

Guarantees will be provided for:

  1. financing of investment in tangible of intangible assets arising as a result of an innovation in the proportion 70% (tangible assets), 30% (intangible assets);
  2. financing of investment in the technological process modernisation;
  3. working capital relating to the implementation of the technological process modernisation (up to HRK 500,000.00).


Open Calls for Proposals:

There are no open calls for proposals at the moment.

Upcoming Calls for Proposals:

There are no upcoming calls for proposals at the moment.

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