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About the Zone

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National Park Krka

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Krka became the 7th national park in Croatia on 24 January 1985. The Park is located in central Dalmatia (downstream of Miljevci, only a few kilometres northeast of the city of Šibenik). It encompasses the area along the river Krka – after which it was named. The river springs at the foot of the Dinara Mountain near Knin, flows through the canyon 75 km long, flows through Lake Prokljan and flows into the Bay of Šibenik. It stretches over 142 km2 (25.6 km2 of which is water surface). There are seven tuff waterfalls on river Krka: Bilušića buk, Brljan, Manojlovac waterfall, Rošnjak, Miljacka waterfall, Roški waterfall and Skradinski buk- the largest waterfall area in the Mediterranean (46m).

The city of Skradin

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The city of Skradin, as a local self-government unit, encompasses the total surface area of 186, 79 km2. There are 21 settlements: Skradin – the seat of self-government unit, Bićine, Bratiškovci, Bribir, Cicvare, Dubravice, Gorice, Gračac, Ićevo, Krković, Lađevci, Međare, Piramatovci, Plastovo, Rupe, Skradinsko Polje, Sonković, Vaćani, Velika Glava, Žažvić and Ždrapanj. The entire area, according to the 2001 census, has a population of 3986. Skradin was first mentioned in written documents more than 2000 years ago (under the roman name Scardona). Throughout the history it served as the centre of the region and also as Bishop’s seat. Today its historic core is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture.

Terms of use

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Based on the obligation stated in the Spatial Plan of the city of Skradin, and after the analysis of the current state of affairs was conducted, certain terms of use have been determined for the area encompassed by the Urban land-use Planning for the mixed purpose zone “Kosa”, Ićevo.

Target groups

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The target groups of the project Business Zone Kosa are:

  • small and medium entrepreneurs and craftsmen who have already agreed upon or initiated the arrangements to invest in the Zone; and their employees
  • new potential investors and business promoters from the region and abroad
  • future entrepreneurs and craftsmen, as well as the unemployed working age population from the city of Skradin and the surrounding rural areas (future employees in the Zone)

The infrastructure

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Business Zone Kosa is in the process of completing the infrastructure using the EU pre-accession funds. With this investment the Zone will be equipped with all the essential features in line with the highest standards and requirements of your business enterprises, under very favourable terms. This infrastructure includes high-quality local and internal roads, waste water and rainwater system, water and electricity supply, state-of-the-art telecommunication network as well as postal service infrastructure and gas supply.

Business Zone KOSA

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This mixed purpose use zone is located on the plateau near the municipality of Kistanje. According to the Urban land-use Planning, the area of the mixed purpose use zone “Kosa”, Ićevo comprises 32 hectares of land. The area is connected to county roads Ž- 6246 (on the north) and Ž-6074 (on the south-west) via unclassified roads.