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Terms of use

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 14:00

Based on the obligation stated in the Spatial Plan of the city of Skradin, and after the analysis of the current state of affairs was conducted, certain terms of use have been determined for the area encompassed by the Urban land-use Planning for the mixed purpose zone “Kosa”, Ićevo.

Almost the whole area intended for the project is undeveloped. However, the area is in some parts criss-crossed with infrastructural corridors.

The determined terms of use and intended new constructions throughout the Zone can be carried out only after finishing the construction of the planned road network with the following municipal infrastructure. Parts of the Zone intended for landscaping, public green spaces, sport-recreation facilities and protected green zones will be carried out with intended purpose.


Terms and method of construction


 There is a variety of purposes designed for utilizing the space in the mixed purpose zone “Kosa”, Ićevo (encompassed by the Urban land-use Planning).


In the following text the construction parameters for different purposes are laid down. In the Implementing Regulation the size, content and the method of designing are thoroughly specified for all the structures which are to be built in the area:


S – residential purpose


I – economic purpose (manufacturing)


K - economic purpose (business zone)


M – mixed purpose (residential – business zone)


Z – protected green zones


IS – infrastructure zones


P – public parking area


Manufacturing encompasses clean production facilities, business buildings, service and trade industry, craft production, economic facilities, storage areas, customer service and other activities which, by its mere existence, do not hinder or threaten other businesses or the environment.


Business zone encompasses: business facilities, administrative facilities, office facilities, commercial facilities, service facilities as well as department stores and manufacturing facilities that do not have a negative impact on the environment; facilities for municipal utility purposes and related storage areas.


According to the Spatial Planning of the city of Skradin, building facilities of business or housing types (with the possibility of adding other related amenities) are to be built inside the same sector in the Zone.


It is intended to plant species native to this region in the protected green zones.  Inside of it there are various options- playground or a sub-stations, remote subscriber unit (RSU) or a dual-purpose shelter providing that it is completely underground (except for the entry and exit door).


A parking lot with line markings is planned for the public parking zones. On the north-west edge of the lot there will be a one-way access road with the maximum width of 3m (for automobiles only).


Municipal buildings and devices can be built inside the infrastructure zone, where on particular spaces and building plots infrastructure buildings and also linear and surface transportation infrastructure can be placed. The Spatial Planning foresees building roads with width adequate for fire-fighter vehicles.


The method of construction applied on the entire area in the Zone (in particular the plot construction and the prescribed building height) is defined by the Spatial Planning of the city of Skradin. The cornice height of business structures may be higher than stated, but only if it is technologically essential.


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