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The infrastructure

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 13:58

Business Zone Kosa is in the process of completing the infrastructure using the EU pre-accession funds. With this investment the Zone will be equipped with all the essential features in line with the highest standards and requirements of your business enterprises, under very favourable terms. This infrastructure includes high-quality local and internal roads, waste water and rainwater system, water and electricity supply, state-of-the-art telecommunication network as well as postal service infrastructure and gas supply.


The geo-traffic position of the Business Zone Kosa is very favourable since the Zone is linked with county roads Ž- 6246 and Ž-6074 via unclassified roads, which are interconnected with the county road Ž-6075. The aim of the spatial planning, regarding the transport and utility infrastructure, is primarily finishing/ building the road network. The obtaining of all required road/street profiles and the construction of all the intended infrastructure lines are going to attribute to the rational and functional managing of the space.

Waste water and rainwater drainage system

The aim of the municipal development of the settlement is to improve the living and working conditions as well as to protect the environment. This can be done by building the drainage system which should protect the quality of the existing watercourse and ground water. Currently there is no drainage system on the site of the future mixed purpose zone or in its surrounding area. In view of that, a distributing drainage system is intended to be built and accordingly the rainwater coming from parking spaces should be dealt with before ending in the drainage system or in a recipient. Rainfall coming from roofs can be led towards surrounding terrain, but only if they are green areas.

Water supply

There is a water supply pipeline (Ø 100mm) laid out on the south-east part of the mixed purpose zone (northeast to southwest direction). The pipeline is connected to the existing distribution pipeline (Ø 300mm) coming from the direction of the settlement Rupe to the border of the Zone. This represents the foundation for the planned water supply system and fire protection.

Electricity supply

A 15 kV transmission line, running in a northeast –southwest direction, goes through the area encompassed by the Urban land-use Planning for the mixed purpose zone “Kosa”, Ićevo. This represents the foundation for the planned energy system. Inside the borders of the Zone a sub-station has been constructed. All the activities in the area will be done outside the transmission line buffer corridor.

Gas supply

There is no gas supply system in the area belonging to the city of Skradin or on the site of the future mixed purpose zone. However, its construction is expected as it is included in the Spatial Plan of Šibenik-Knin County.

Telecommunication network

The state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure has been built directly next to the Zone ’s borderline. It represents the foundation for the further development of the Zone.

Postal service

For our future customers’ needs we intend to use the existing postal service of the settlement Ićevo given that these two areas share the borderline.

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