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Expected project results

Tuesday, 02 September 2014 14:18
  1. Increased capacity in managing the project cycle of the main client (the city of Skradin) by employing two people on to whom the knowledge and the skills of managing the project cycle can be passed on; signed cooperation treaty to promote and strengthen the small and medium-sized entrepreneurship;
  2. Entrepreneurial infrastructure is entirely functional and ready to implement the small and medium-sized entrepreneurial business activities (from the Šibenik-Knin County area and abroad). The 134.000 m2 of business zone is fully equipped with additional 850m of water and sewage network as well as with water purifying facilities. Furthermore, it has 2,3 km of paved road and 40 street lamps;
  3. All clients, entrepreneurs, their current and potential employees can increase their capacities and improve business results by 70%. This can be done by participating in educational programmes (duration: 20 days) or by using the consulting services (duration: 160 hours). These are intended for entrepreneurs, their management team and employees as well as for all the potential entrepreneurs and employees.
  4. The Zone and the companies from the Šibenik-Knin County are promoted regionally, nationally and internationally. The advertising is conducted via the web page with all the information about the Zone and its clients. The expected number of visits is 500 clicks a month. Furthermore, 4500 leaflets and 300 placards are printed and distributed. Two roll-up banners are made and the visit to two specialised trade fares to promote the Zone is organized. Two press conferences are held and the opening ceremony is advertised in the media (5-10 articles/broadcasts).
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